Your new daily ritual

With over 20 healthy and delicious breakfast options and our gourmet coffee selection - we help you start your day right! Go ahead - indulge a little!

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The real iced cappuccino

Real espresso + real milk = pure perfection.  Be sure to try our latest flavours like the Dolce Vita – It’s also great hot!

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Start your day with a smoothie! 100% crushed fruit - no additives or preservatives!

Start your day with a smoothie!  100% crushed fruit - no additives or preservatives!  -- Treat yourself to one of our delicious flavours - Strawberry Banana, Mango, Passionfruit or our amazing Pina Colada!

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Made fresh every day

Our food is made with only the highest quality ingredients so that you can feel good about what you are enjoying at java u. After all - u are what u eat!

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Our story
Like the city of Montreal that inspired it, the java u brand uniquely blends the best of North American energy and convenience with the eternal elements of European style.

The result is a hip, sophisticated experience delivered with friendly wit and originality. And like Montreal, java u does all this with impeccable presentation…and with surprising charm.

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