If you find that you……

* Appreciate the benefits of working on a team and within a proven system of operation,

* Management and or retail experience,
* Have the desire to run a successful business,
* Demonstrate fantastic interpersonal and communication skills,
* Are familiar with, and involved in, the community where the store is located,
* Have the funds to invest in the store, as well as the financial ability to survive the first year while drawing only a nominal salary.

We strongly believe the success of our franchises is based on our extensive selection process, our continuous training and our on-going support and innovation programs.



Once a definite interest in the franchise is confirmed and the applicant is satisfied that he or she can meet the financial obligations, a confidential Qualification Report is completed. We encourage all interested applicants to investigate this opportunity by contacting current franchisees. The procedure for acquiring a franchise is based on:

* Confidential Qualification Report review,
* Interviews to determine the potential for a good business relationship exists,
* Review of corporate objectives and timing for location.

Java u will assist in determining an appropriate location and in the negotiation for a lease. Subsequently, a standard Franchise Agreement is executed.
After the location has been finalized and a lease agreement executed, an estimate of the overall costs for.... See More


What makes us u-nique……

Java u is a fast-casual coffee and light fare experience you will not soon forget. From the highest quality coffee-based beverages to the panini and wraps that have positioned us as a leader in the café world. Healthful nutrition-based recipes, gourmet ingredients, and accessible price point give us the leading edge in the market to attract the most loyal customers wherever java u expands. 
Java u has a concept so unique to the coffee and food industry that it has allowed us to undertake continued, rapid expansion. What is this feature?



A firm must work with both culinary experts and nutrition professionals to develop and design innovative and healthy menu offerings. This is done by using the latest in kitchen and preparation technology, employing a wide variety of high quality ingredients, and presenting food items in an appealing format or packaging.

All of the products go through rigorous, independent taste quality tasting before they are made available to our stores and to the public. This does not limit us in our creative process; in fact, even our franchise operators are invited to the drawing board!

Pending our approval process, your own personal sandwich or salad recipe could make it to our fridges company-wide.