Java U - The history

Like the city of Montreal that inspired it, the java u brand uniquely blends the best of North American energy and convenience with the eternal elements of European style.

  • The classic Parisian café is revitalized with innovative menu items and modern decor.
  • Traditional Italian sandwiches are reinterpreted with exotic flavor combinations.
  • And the time-honored latte is given new life with java u creations like the Grasshopper, Notre Dame and Nutella.

The result is a hip, sophisticated experience delivered with friendly wit and originality. And like Montreal, java u does all this with impeccable presentation…and with surprising charm.
More than just a place to get great food and fantastic coffee, each java u cafe is a dynamic, upscale meeting spot and an affordable indulgence. “Inside the hip-designed eatery,” one restaurant reviewer says of java u, “trendsetters, students and the well-heeled alike, gather in a friendly atmosphere that is enhanced by the staff's laid-back attitude and ever-present humor.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Part of what makes the java u experience so appealing is the local flavor and the personal attention. We think of our cafes as siblings within the same family, and for every new cafe, we stretch to create a unique design that reflects the community it serves. Even the menu varies by location to appeal to local tastes. And if you come often enough, we'll even remember your favorite order.

It all started in 1996, when two long-time restaurateurs launched the first java u café at Concordia University. The dynamic café was an instant hit with students and the surrounding community. The pair quickly opened five more cafés, each as successful as the first.

In 2002, the company was majority purchased by a Montreal-based private equity firm with an impressive array of successful enterprises, giving java u the financial backing and momentum needed to develop into a lifestyle concept with legs. But we will never lose touch with our roots in Montreal, the city that inspired us.