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    What's your favorite java u espresso drink? Have an idea for a new panini? Has one of our baristas made you smile? Want to suggest a way that we can enhance the java u experience? Let us know. Send an email to info@java-u.co.uk.

    Java U has enjoyed explosive growth through exceptional execution of a unique, compelling café concept and through a flexible approach to partnerships. Our continuing growth will be fueled in three ways: company-owned stores, co-development partnerships, and franchises. To learn about how to become part of this exciting phenomenon, please contact us at info@java-u.co.uk.

    The following information will allow us to contact you regarding possible job opportunities. If you are offered a position, you will be required to provide documentation verifying your responses to some of these questions.

    Let us bring the café to you. Take your love for java u into the office with our premium brewers and deliciously smooth coffee. We can make any size office feel like a quaint café by the Seine.

    Montreal: 514-341-8801 or 514-341-8818, info@java-u.co.uk

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